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Since 1989, First Rate is a Mortgage Company known for its superior service, integrity, and experienced loan consultants. We offer a variety of home loan solutions including first-time homebuyer programs with down-payment assistance, FHA and VA, conventional, jumbo and super jumbo and more!

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Noel Kelman
Mortgage Broker
(818) 665-4532
NMLS #237153

Noël Kelman, a Certified Mortgage Planner with First Rate Financial Group.  Having been a
loan processor, working in the operations side of the industry while being a mortgage loan
consultant gave Noël experience & knowledge of numerous financing programs and an ability
for creative problem solving.   She has helped clients with CALHFA loans, Down Payment
Assistance Programs, Conventional, FHA, and VA.  As well as, working with real estate
investors needing specialized loan programs or commercial loans.  
As a client-focused lender, Noël is dedicated to providing transparency, helping people save money, and most importantly, truly understanding her clients; their needs, concerns and tailoring mortgage solutions to meet those objectives.
Handling every client’s situation with a customized, personal approach and when it comes to getting the right loan at the right rate for the client, she will do whatever it takes.  Her track record of helping families shows that she will find a way, even when everyone else says it
can’t be done. The mortgage business can tend to be very impersonal with credit scores,
property values, debt-to-income ratios etc., but the bottom line is that it is about a family and
their most important investment – their home! 
Noël is a proud mama of four children, Nana to two grandsons, and three adorable woofers.
 Graduated from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo with a Bachelor of Science in Business
Administration.  She loves being outdoors, camping, animals, books and coffee.   Having lived
in the Moorpark community for more 27 years, the the small town atmosphere is similar to
where she grew up in the Central Valley of California.  

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